SafSol classics


photo of Trulosound, pictured left–right: Far I, Mel, Cousin G, Adrian, Nathan, Tris

Trulosound, l–r: Far I, Mel, Cousin G, Adrian, Nathan, Tris

Trulosound plays classic soul, disco, reggae, rocksteady and dancehall, all with a south London party style — we call it SafSol. That means anthemic tunes, full on vocals, pumping bass and a percussion-fuelled beat, made for dancing.

We’re all about creating a party vibe and delivering an entertaining show, with something for everyone.

South London is legendary for its house parties in 1960/90s, which had a style of their own … super friendly vibes, dressing up, dancing and singing along to a wide spectrum of great music — and carrying on till very late.

Trulosound recreates those magical times. We consciously avoid the function band top 50 (Superstition, Play that Funky music, etc); instead we seek out tunes treasured by music lovers for generations.

The band is fronted by Mr Adrian Lysieght, whose sweet voice and smooth moves gets everyone hooked.

Trulosound’s rhythm section of Mel, Far I, Nathan, Tris and Cousin G draw upon experiences playing soul, funk, reggae, lovers rock, ska, acid jazz, afro and samba to serve up infectious grooves.